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This will be the sixth edition of the headphone festival, as it goes on the festival grows , always trying to tend to what i think is it's real 'sci-fi' idea which would be the permanent headphone room network for live performances.

Every year is a test inducing the next year's idea, the format itself is never really defined. Last year we attempted to use the 72hr format once again in link with another 72hr room in tokyo..(http://placard5.dokidoki.fr ) & it worked quite well. Having three rooms in each 'placard' two for lives in each city , with one streaming to the third room in the opposite cities.

The idea was to try to bring the streaming part as close to having a live set in front of you with the means of chat rooms & web cams, tring to link the two spaces making a virtual link inbetween two distant appartments. People attending both venues started to communicate sometime in japanese, sometimes in english while a wild 72 hr party was going on in both appartments; which actually gave me a hard time in recabling the three internet lines though the appartment, running cables though a packed audience after 40hrs with no sleep...

The idea this year is to open up the program for 95 days (2280hrs) making it easier to choose when it is possible and for how long. The minimum length I think should be 3hrs -- meaning eventually you can stream your own show , and listen to the two next . The maximum being 95 days..but I don't know if anyone is crazy enough ( even me ) to set up something like that. I recomend the 24 hour format to leave space for local musicians to inscribe, and to give time for the idea of the festival to install. So this year there will also be an inscription page for people who would like to open a headphone room ,in their appartment, in a club, a galerie, ..anywhere; open for musician inscription. This will bring up somehow the parrallel to the musician inscription , letting less organized people getting in the program next to more organized venues. This would be a single program where the different headphone rooms relay a common stream , musicians who have the possibility to play in one of the available time slots in a room (mostly for geographical reasons) will be able to use the musician inscription page. these inscriptions will be subbmitted to the placard organizer for confirmation (after linking them by email) . Once the organizer has approved the inscription the musician is on the program. There might be cases where a musician might not see any phisical place for him to play on the program, he will be in front of two choices either if he has the possibility he could open a placard for his show , either he gets on the waiting list; the waiting list will post up his dates & geographical location on the site , a mailing list will inform him of any other input from his agglomeration. The 72hr festivals have always known a deadline for inscription, I guess this year's program will be in permanent mutation with its moments of rush for inscripton, and spontanious organization.